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After years of testing, measuring and developing, One Dutch Products found that the soil no longer soured / salinity resulting from the proper additions of high quality fertilizers during cultivation of crops in much healthier crops, better taste and longer shelf life without production yield jeopardizing by the use of bottom activators, fertilizers, binders, and organic crop amplifiers, this in its overall organic. Also, the rate of leaching of fertilizer with 70%-80% drop, which leads to much less use of these chemical substances.



After 40 years of intensive agriculture and horticulture by taking nature has shown a lot of resilience associated use of NPK fertilizers. We can conclude that our farmlands slowly acidify / Siltation without we view our biological values / monitors. The essential nutrients are pulled from the soil without being returned in the form of biomass. Below creates a disturbance in our agricultural land and will be our soil (microorganisms) extinction and correct the soil and biomass provides the balance in the soil. Without this balance and a good clay / humus complex will be not be included but simply flushed out of the given fertilizer (over 80%) by which wash out will the useful fertilizers (phosphates) will be lost and the salts (potassium) are left in the bottom with a acidification / salinization as a result.



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